5 important e-book gives for church leaders

5 important e-book gives for church leaders

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Here are 5 key e-book deals for July 2020 that are worth visiting:
(Stanley Hauerwas, Marva Dawn, Brian Zahnd, Henri Nouwen, MORE)

Every week we carefully curate a handful of books for church leaders that focus on the health and prosperity of our congregations.

# 1:

Stanley Hauerwas

*** $ 2.20 ***

Why does a good and almighty God allow us to experience pain and suffering? According to Stanley Hauerwas, it is a theological mistake to ask this question. Hauerwas relies heavily on stories of sick and dying children to illustrate and clarify his discussion of theological and philosophical questions. He examines why we are so passionate about explaining suffering and evil, and shows how modern medicine has become a god we are looking at (in vain) for relief from the evils of disease and mortality.

# 2:

Keep the Sabbath fully: stop, rest, hug, feast

Marva Dawn

*** $ 4.20 ***

Keeping the Sabbath Wholly combines well-founded biblical theology and research into Jewish traditions with many practical suggestions and offers a healthy balance between head and heart: the book shows how theological insights can underpin everyday life and practice, and gives the reader both motivation and Methods for enjoying a special holy day.

Bargain Theology Books

# 3:

Lesslie Newbigin

*** $ 3.00 ***

Newbigin gives a historical account of the roots of this conflict to end the division that has raged between Christians who attack either as "liberals" or as "fundamentalists" to lay the foundation for a middle ground in Christian faith benefit as a whole. The result is a perspective that enables Christians to safely affirm the gospel as a public truth in our pluralistic world.

# 4:

*** $ 4.00 ***

"A poignant and wise treasure that leaders will appreciate and that provides laypeople with a helpful, intimate introduction to this revered pastor who died too soon." – Lutheran partners

# 5:

A Farewell to Mars: An Evangelical Pastor's Journey to the Biblical Gospel of Peace

Brian Zahnd

*** $ 0.79 ***

PLUS, buy the ebook and get it
the audiobook for only $ 7.49 !!!

“Brian Zahnd combines his calling as a prophet and pastor with a powerful evocation of the Prince of Peace, Jesus the peacemaker. … And the writing is just brilliant – no boring sentence in the book. "
– Eugene H. Peterson


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