5 important e-book gives for church leaders

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Here are 5 key e-book deals for May 2020 that are worth visiting:
(William Cavanaugh, Miguel de la Torre, Marilyn McEntyre, Rumi, MORE)

Every week we carefully curate a handful of books for church leaders that focus on the health and prosperity of our congregations.

# 1:

William Cavanaugh

*** $ 1.99 ***

Should Christians be for or against the free market? For or against globalization? How should we live in a world of scarcity? William Cavanaugh uses Christian resources to address fundamental economic issues – the free market, consumer culture, globalization and scarcity – and argues that we should not only accept them as realities, but instead change the conditions of the debate.

# 2:

Burying White Privilege: Reviving Badass Christianity

Miguel de la Torre

*** $ 1.99 ***

De La Torre argues that centuries of oppression and greed have effectively ruined Evangelical Christianity in the United States. Believers and spiritual leaders killed it and preferred profits to the prophets. The silence about racism, classicism, sexism and homophobia – if not justification of the teaching – has made white Christianity satanic. De La Torre prophesied Christian nationalists to repent and saved Biblical Christ from the distorted Christ of white Christian imagination.

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# 3:

Marilyn McEntyre

*** $ 1.99 ***

“Marilyn Chandler McEntire's book on language management is a wonderfully composed treatise that deals with words in a culture of lies. . . If you're wondering if it's worth taking care of words, think of McEntye's reasoning to a young student: “Language is the basic tool for sustaining civilization. It seems useful to understand as much as possible about how it works, since it is arguably one of the most powerful forms of power that society has created – that and the atomic splitter. “- The Christian Century

# 4:

Miroslav Volf

*** $ 1.99 ***

Miroslav Volf's letter wonderfully rejects the pettiness and selfishness that are so important in our culture today and the love that Christians should have as an example. His insights in this volume will inform and inspire those who want to follow this path of love.

# 5:

The essential rumi

*** $ 1.99 ***

“If Rumi is the most read poet in America today, Coleman Barks is largely responsible for it. His ear for the truly divine madness in Rumi's poems is really remarkable. "- Huston Smith


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