42 “Religious Workout routines” for a fulfilled life

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In your opinion, what are the ten most important ways that living out the Christian faith can have a positive impact on health?

All health professionals will tell you that exercise is good for your health. I imagine you and everyone else knows that this is true.

However, the Bible tells us that spiritual practices are even more important.

"Spend your time and energy training for spiritual fitness. But physical exercise has a certain value spiritual practice is much more important because it promises a reward both in this life and in the next. That is true and everyone should accept it. “1 Timothy 4: 7-9 (New Living Translation – First edition)

Over the years I have identified not 10, but at least 42 "spiritual practices" – or biblical principles – that can be associated with our physical health.

These principles are woven into the PathWay 2 holistic Bible study. and this Bible study is the core curriculum of the FHA (Faith and Health Ambassador) course.

This FHA course, which I offer for the 17th time in February, is designed to empower people who love Jesus to serve others more effectively and to teach them about the relationship between our Christian faith and the health of all.

If you want to strengthen your relationship with God, love yourself better, and learn how important it is to be in loving relationships with others during these spiritual practices, then I invite you to join me on February 13th from 7th February to connect for 11 weeks: 00:00 to 21:30 Eastern Time.

Read more about the Faith and Health Ambassador Course and sign up.

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