20 prayers throughout the international pandemic

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When the new coronavirus epidemic [COVID-19] brought the world into crisis, they also knelt us down.

In the days when COVID-19 has been declared a global pandemic and countries are taking urgent measures to stop the virus from spreading, I hope that I can say that my first urge is to pray. But to be honest, I'm more obsessed with refreshing my social media.

This crisis is urgent, but I feel pretty helpless. But perhaps the feeling of insignificance is the best memory of prayer. For us, prayer is a way to actively practice our faith. We are so simple and believe that the whole world is in God's hands. In prayer we must remember: "There should be no worries as long as everything tells you what God wants through prayer, supplication and gratitude. The peace that God has given beyond human understanding will be in Christ Jesus. Keep your heart and your mind "[Philippians 4: 6-7]. Prayer has never been a way to be used only when God's people are forced to do so. This is actually our first action.

With that in mind, I've sorted out 20 prayer items that can be made during this outbreak. Each issue focuses on the particular needs of different communities. I am fortunate that we have many medical professionals in the Church, and some of them gave advice on how to pray for them at the time. I have recorded their answer. I also tried to think more broadly about how other people are affected by the current crisis.

Of course, these projects don't include everything, but it's a good place to start. I hope it can be used as a guide to help the Church unite in group prayers [even online]. We believe that God will lean forward and listen to our prayers:

1. For sick and infected people: Lord, please heal and help, maintain physical and mental health, control the spread of the epidemic.

2. For particularly vulnerable people: Lord, please protect our elderly and those with chronic illnesses and care for the poor, especially those without health insurance.

3. For young and strong people: Lord, give them the necessary care to prevent them from spreading the disease unconsciously and motivate them to be willing to help.

4. For our regional, state, and federal governments: Lord, help our government officials know how to allocate the resources needed to prevent and control this outbreak, and help them do more testing.

5. Lead our scientific community to better understand the disease and to inform the public about its severity: Lord, give them knowledge, wisdom and convincing voice.

6. For the media dedicated to providing the latest information: Lord, help them communicate with reasonable seriousness, but do not cause panic.

7. For readers who want timely information: Lord, help us find the most useful local information and make us a good neighbor. Keep us away from fear and panic, let us pay the price urgently and you can implement the recommended measures.

8. For those who feel isolated, anxious, and helpless due to mental health problems, Lord, give them all the support they need.

9. For homeless people who cannot carry out social isolation procedures: Lord, protect them from diseases and offer isolated accommodation in every city.

10. For international travelers stranded abroad: Lord, help them return home safely and quickly.

11. For Christian missionaries around the world, especially in areas with high infection rates: Lord, bring them hopeful words and equip them to love and serve the people around them.

12. For people from all walks of life facing layoffs and financial difficulties: Lord, save them from panic and inspire your church to give them generous support.

13. In the foreseeable future, families with young children will say, Lord, help parents work creatively to care for children and help them thrive. Help lone parents expand the network that supports them.

14. For parents who need to go to work and can't stay home to take care of their children: Lord help them find a solution.

15. For those who need regular treatment but now need to postpone it: Lord help them to be patient and positive.

16. For leaders who want to make difficult decisions that affect employee lives: Lord, give these people wisdom and help them set an example of self-sacrifice.

17. Pastors and church leaders who face the challenge of social segregation: Lord, help them imagine how they can look after their congregations and care for their cities.

18. For students who have distance learning, internship cancellation, and uncertain qualifications: Lord, please show them that their dependency on you persists, even though life is uncertain.

19. For Christians in every church, community and city: May the Holy Spirit inspire us to pray, give, cultivate, serve and preach the gospel. The name of Jesus Christ can be celebrated all over the world.

20. For the medical personnel at the forefront, we thank God for calling them to serve us. We also pray:

  • Lord, keep them safe and sound. Keep the safety and health of their families.
  • Lord, help them understand the diagnosis and treatment of this disease, as well as the changing treatment plan.
  • Lord, help them keep a clear head in the panic that surrounds them.
  • Lord, help them out of fear for their loved ones [older parents, children, spouses, roommates].
  • Lord, let them sympathize with every patient you care for.
  • Lord, support them financially, especially if they are sick and unable to work.
  • Lord, help Christian medical personnel show unexpected peace so that many people may ask the reason for hope so that they have the opportunity to preach the gospel.

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