Medieval theology – 10 free classics!

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This guide to medieval theology of the first millennium is a continuation of our guides to theology of early Christians and theology of the first millennium. The works contained therein extend essentially over the years 1000-1300 BC. In addition to the translations of the primary work, we include some historical / biographical works that highlight the development of theology during this period.

Here are ten medieval theology classics available as FREE eBooks!

Summa theologica

St. Thomas Aquinas

In this multi-volume work, Aquin deals with many of the most important questions of Christianity. The first part of Summa begins with the existence and nature of God before moving on to the creation and nature of man. The second part contains his test of morality and law; it also provides his account of the theological virtues, the cardinal virtues, and the seven deadly sins. The third part, which is incomplete due to Aquin's death, deals with the incarnation and the sacraments. Together the three parts form one of the most impressive works of Christianity. In fact, countless people from many centuries have studied and learned from Summa; It was of great influence from Aquina's time until today. (Description via CCEL)


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